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Leisa is a highly trained movement and somatic therapist who specializes in helping people rediscover and reconnect with their body's natural intelligence. With a diploma in Pilates and Movement, as well as extensive training in Somatic Touch, Somatic Experiencing™, and Neuro Affective Touch, she has the knowledge and expertise to guide clients through a transformative healing journey.

In her work, Leisa draws on her understanding of early developmental stress and its impact on our health, experiences, and relationships. By blending different modalities, including Neuro Affective Touch, she creates a unique space where people can safely explore and re-learn how to connect with their bodies.

Leisa believes that in order to support her clients in their journey, it's important to continue supporting and understanding herself. By staying engaged with her own personal growth and development, she brings an authentic and empathetic approach to her work that is deeply rooted in compassion and a commitment to healing.

Why Somatic Experiencing

Leisa has dedicated the past 10 years studying and embodying how the body moves and responses to stress. In this time Leisa has become a Somatic Experiencing Practioner and is also trained in Somatic touch and continues to fine tune her skill with further study into the body’s response to early trauma and stress.  Somatic experiencing is a gentle approach to healing trauma and stress.


Dr. Peter Levine stumbled across his body of work by accident working with a client.  Since that time, he has developed an evidenced based therapy that allows the body to guide us to completion of stress responses bring us back in to a space of calm and wellness. When our body’s systems work in harmony, we are able to feel well in ourselves and in our relationships.


The therapy is slowly paced, allowing us to communicate with the body in the present moment.  Somatic experiencing has been proven to offer another level of healing to the cognitive based therapies.  Incorporating not just the mind, but how the body response to its environment, its stressors and allowing both mind and body to process together.


It has been described simply by some health experts as 'A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body'.

With Stress identified globally as one of the main contributing factors to chronic conditions and disease, more evidence is emerging in the health sector of the benefit in drawing on traditional methods to retrain our bodies to better regulate stress. 

It’s not the stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.
– Hans Selye

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Education and Certifications


Diploma Pilates and movement 


Ongoing movement education

Body organics - Carla Mullins


Body mind Centring - Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen


Core awareness - Liz Koch


Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute


Somatic Practice

Somatic touch - Kathy Kain


Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning experience DARe

Modules 1-4


NeuroAffective Touch

NeuroAffective Touch insitute

Currently in training

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