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  • SE session that will settle and release physical activation.

    1 hr 30 min

    180 Australian dollars
  • SE session that will settle and release physical activation.

    1 hr

    120 Australian dollars

What to Expect

What to Expect


During our sessions, we will use SE techniques while seated in a chair, couch, table, or floor, depending on your preference. I will guide you to tune into the sensations in your body and share your impressions, such as tightness, heat, shakiness, expansion, relaxation, and more. This approach, combined with my expertise in Neuro Affective Touch and relational aspects of touch work, allows for a deep exploration of the mind-body connection.


It's important to note that SE touch is not a form of massage. Instead, I may offer you touch support for grounding, containment, mobilization, awareness building, or other reasons. Before any touch occurs, I will always ask for your consent and you have the right to decline at any time. If you are uncomfortable with touch or if the session doesn't call for it, that's perfectly okay - we can still achieve healing through other techniques.


Benefits and Risks


SE has the potential to offer numerous benefits, including increased self-soothing abilities and a greater sense of empowerment. However, it's important to acknowledge that any therapy that focuses on healing trauma carries inherent risks. While SE is designed to help you manage discomfort in a manageable way, you may encounter challenging feelings, images, or thoughts.

Moreover, as with any stress-reduction treatment, there is no guarantee that you will achieve your desired outcomes. Nevertheless, many individuals report that SE has been immensely helpful and has fostered positive change in their lives. The ability to reorganize "body memory" can be crucial in learning how to relax and calm your nervous system. Additionally, incorporating aspects of Neuro Affective touch and the relational aspects of touch work may further enhance the benefits of the therapy.


Everything that you share with me will remain confidential. There are a few reasons, however, I am required to break confidentiality by law. The first would occur if you were of danger to yourself and had an active plan to harm yourself. In this case I would contact the hospital to place you on a 72-hour watch. Another reason would occur if you were planning to seriously harm another person. I would be required to contact the person threatened if possible as well as the police department. Confidentiality will also be broken if I learn of child or elder abuse and will contact protective services immediately. If I learn of a child abuser from a person’s past who is actively still around children, I am mandated to report him or her.  

If you are a minor, I am required to share important information with your parents regarding your emotional health. This is not the case if the information you share would put you at extreme physical risk from a caregiver. Breaches in confidentiality will occur along with the same guidelines for adults above, but include a report if you are having a sexual relationship with an older peer or an adult if you are under 16 years of age.  

With the wonders of technology, we may be able to meet online. Please know that, although unlikely to be hacked, online communications are never fully secure. By signing this document, you acknowledge that you are entering into this format with awareness of its limitations.


Cancellations must provide notice 24 hours prior to session time. If a cancellation is not made in a timely manner the fee for the session will still be required to be paid in full. This allows for rescheduling to allow other clients to benefit from the availability.

24 hours notice will also be provided if the cancellation or rescheduling needs to occur from my end. If for any reason our scheduled appointment is missed without the correct notification being provided then the next session will be provided free of charge. True emergency situations that cannot be foreseen can be negotiated (sudden illness, accidents or unpredicted loss of childcare).

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