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What to Expect

  • A collaboration with Nathan and I to create a space for breath work ex...

    60 Australian dollars
  • A meditative class exploring our mind body connection.

    25 Australian dollars

Breath Work Sessions 


Exploring monthly breathwork groups.  This group is supported by a collaboration of Leisa and Nathan, opening up a pathway to exploring altered states. Altered states can be a incredible tool to open us to change and possibility.

Somatic movement exploration


This is a meditative class explores our mind body connection. How we experience our mind can show up in our body. Movements are slow, gentle and invitational with the intention of bringing awareness to our inner and outer experience.
Explorations may include;

  • Breathe

  • Organ system

  • Kidney and adrenals

  • Brain stem

  • Touch

  • Midline

  • Fluid system

  • Mind and body relationship

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